Youth In Action Events

Youth in Action events are 4-H contests and activities that provide 4-H members with an opportunity for additional educational experience at the club, county, and state level. These events involve the member as an active participant in an activity related to the youth’s 4-H project work. Participation is designed to help the youth practice important life skills, such as communication, decision making and time/work management.

Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue Registration

Fashion Revue Contestant Packet

Fashion Revue is an event that enhances members’ skills in clothing selection, coordination and construction. Each participant constructs or buys their own garment to model for a panel of judges. During this process, 4-Hers learn about wardrobe selection, accessorizing, poise and presence, and consumer awareness. A public Fashion Revue Show is held during Achievement Days, where the 4-Her is encouraged to model their garments on stage.  

Family Consumer Sciences Skill-A-Thon (CDM)

Choices, choices, choices! When shopping, how do you choose which item is the best? Consumer decision making (CDM) judging is comparing items and deciding which is better and why. A successful judger looks at a given scenario and selects the best choice based on the situation and criteria. This contest teaches youth how to make wise consumer choices. Senior members have the opportunity to compete at a national contest.

4-H Horticulture Skill-a-thon

The 4-H horticulture skill-a-thon is a contest that helps youth identify flowers, indoor plants, landscape ornamentals, fruits, nuts, berries, and vegetables. Be ready to expand your knowledge on greenhouses, turf, plant nutrition, landscaping, managing lawns and trees, and soil health.

4-H Livestock Skill-a-thon

Beginner Contest

Junior Contest

Senior Contest

Communications Project

By giving prepared talks in front of judges and audience members, 4-Hers are able to gain knowledge and develop presentation skills. There are four public presentation categories members can choose from:

  1. Demonstrations – Presented before an audience, a demonstration is an original, true and accurate step-by-step process of actions and explanations that results in a finished product. The audience learns by watching and listening. Individuals or teams use actual products and materials,  and may also share personal, family or club experiences. Demonstrations may include charts, illustrations, posters and other types of visual aids.
  2. Illustrated Talk – Presented before an audience, individuals or teams give original, true and accurate illustrated talks showing how something is accomplished using a combination of speaking about and showing one or more visual aids (charts, pictures, slides, etc.). Personal, family or club experiences may also be shared. In the illustrated talk, there is no finished product; rather an explanation of results that is illustrated with visuals.
  3. Public Speaking – Public speaking is telling about your experiences or what you learned about the topic. In public speaking, a 4-H member chooses a subject or topic which relates to an aspect of 4-H (project area, 4-H promotion, etc.). Public speaking may or may not use visual aids. It is more formal than other presentation categories, and must deliver a platform during the presentation. Speeches must be original, true and accurate. Participants may use notecards, if desired.
  4. Project ‘Why’ – This type of individual presentation teaches the ‘why’ as well as how to ‘use’ a specific topic. For the purpose of gaining knowledge and understanding, and through the use of research, facts, principles and experiments, this presentation type informs others of the ‘why’. It should encourage, excite and motivate curious minds to study the topic further. 4-H members prepare a 3×3 foot exhibit to use to accurately explain a true ‘why’ principle. Participants must furnish all equipment, including a card table or stand, and must stay with their exhibit for a one-hour period to present information and answer questions.

Special Foods

This event teaches members skills in food preparation, food safety and nutrition. Members prepare a dish and a table setting to be evaluated by a judge. Nutrition facts are judged through an interview process. This experience helps members learn how to make healthy, nutritious meals and smart food choices.

Special Foods Registration

Special Foods Handbook

Contest Packet (includes forms, score sheets and worksheets

My Plate Plan

Performing Arts

South Dakota 4-H Performing Arts Camp is a 7-day performative experience from June 11-17 at Northern State University (1200 S. Jay Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401) for youth ages 13 (or have completed 7th grade) to 18. The camp provides the opportunity for youth to gain skills in musical theater performance.

The South Dakota 4-H Performing Arts Camp experience provides:

  • A deeper dive into 3 areas of performing on stage: vocal performance, dancing, and acting.
  • The opportunity to perform vocal solos, dance solos, and speaking parts.
  • Experience learning from experts in the theater arts.
  • A better understanding of self along with learning about leadership, teamwork and responsibility.

For more information go to Performing Arts Link



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