Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports is a specialty club offering archery, air rifle, BB gun, shot gun, and more to come. Coaches are Kaycie Klimisch, archery coach, Dennis Klimisch, air rifle and BB gun, and Evan Konrad, shot gun. This club starts with teaching basics and safety all the way through competition level skills. There are many opportunities for tournament style competition available at the local, state, and national levels which we have had members participate in but not required. The clubs primary goal is that the members have “FUN” while learning. The club meets Monday evenings with locations varying depending on discipline. Locations are Easton Archery Center, James Valley Sporting Clays, and 4-H Building. This year the club held a steak tips dinner and 50:50 raffle at the VFW. This offered the kids a good learning opportunity for speaking to adults and customer service while serving supper. The club had a pizza party in February. That along with Gatorades for bullseyes and friendly team games led to lots of fun.

Kaycie Klimisch 605-655-4619

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