Fashion Revue

4-H Fashion Revue is a Youth-in-Action project. How a person presents herself/himself through clothing, grooming, facial expressions and body movement is a form of communication. Have you ever thought about what your clothes say about YOU? Clothing and grooming say a great deal about you without a word being spoken. You are “on view” no matter where you go and you send messages about yourself without speaking. This is called non-verbal communication.

The goal of Fashion Revue is to develop an understanding of personal presentation in public situations with regard to clothing, accessories and grooming.

  1. To plan, select and construct clothing that is becoming and expressive of individual personality.
  2. To gain poise in public situations through good posture, ease of movement and confidence in one’s personal appearance.
  3. To be able to describe how a garment is cared for.
  4. To be able to describe how a garment fits into a wardrobe plan.
  5. To understand how fabrics, clothing styles and accessories enhance one’s own physical features or traits.

Read more in the Fashion-Revue-Guide.

2018 Fashion Revue contestant packet

2018 Fashion Revue Photo Form

2018 Fashion Revue Registration Guide

2018 Fashion Revue Scoresheet

2018 Fashion Revue Challenge Outfit

2018 Fashion Revue Registration

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