Consumer Decision Making

Each day youth make consumer decisions ranging from deciding which snack to choose to which cell phone plan meets their needs. Making consumer decisions can become confusing. The sheer volume of choices including in person and online options easily becomes overwhelming. Fortunately, through experiences where sound decision making skills are taught and practiced youth can increase their ability to apply those skills and prevent poor decision making habits. The goal of the 4-H Consumer Decision Making Program is to teach youth how to make wise consumer choices.

A judging experience is used to impart that teaching. Judging is essentially a matter of comparing items and deciding which is better and why. The key to successful judging is to assess a given situation and to select the best alternative based on the situation and criteria. A member may or may not have specific knowledge of factors that make up the ideal choice. They need to be able to recognize the best choice for the given situation.

In Yankton County, all youth are encouraged to try Consumer Decision Making. If you have never participated in the contest before, there will be someone available to help you. This contest is even available to our Cloverbuds (5-7 year olds).

Check out the consumer decision making program guide for more information.

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