Numerous events in Yankton County take place every year.


  • Beef Weigh-ins: All market beef animals need to be weighed-in. DNA samples are also taken from these animals if there is a chance they will go to State Fair.
  • Yankton County t-shirt design contest: In Yankton County, youth are challenged to create the theme for the current year’s Achievement Days. The winning theme is used for the county’s 4-H t-shirts.
  • National Western Roundup: This national event, held in Denver, Colo., hosts many contests. Youth qualify for the event by placing first in one of the eligible events at the SD State Fair.


  • Fruit Sales: All 4-H members sell fruit. The proceeds for these sales go to each 4-H member’s club. Clubs use the money for different things. For example, Shooting Sports uses their fruit money to purchase ammunition, while Mission Hill Hillers uses their fruit money to pay their members’ dues.


  • Fruit is delivered: When all the fruit comes in, we need everyone’s help sorting it. Each 4-H member is responsible for picking up the fruit they sold and delivering it.
  • Fairgrounds Cleanup: Every year we go through a spring cleaning of our fairgrounds.


  • 4-H Summer Camp Poinsett Registrations are due.
  • State 4-H Shoot: This is the State Competition for 4-H Shooting Sports in the areas of archery, rifle, BB gun, and pistol.


  • Sheep/Goat Weigh-ins: All market sheep & goat animals need to be weighed-in. DNA samples are also taken from these animals if there is a chance they will go to State Fair.
  • Swine information due: Swine do not have weigh-ins anymore in South Dakota; however, you do have to collect DNA and have your animals tagged and information to the extension office before June 1.


  • Farm Safety Day Camp: This camp is hosted by the Yankton County 4-H office. Youth move through stations to learn various aspects of safety when on a farm, or just out in the country.
  • Camp Poinsett: This camp is open to 4-H and non-4-H youth. It focuses on character building, while having fun.
  • Horse Show


  • Special Foods: In this contest, youth have 90 minutes to prepare a dish. The contest includes a nutrition interview, aesthetics and hospitality (eye appeal), technique, and food quality.
  • Public Presentations: In this contest, youth give a presentation they have prepared.
  • Dog Show
  • State Horse Show


  • Achievement Days: This is Yankton County’s “fair.” Youth bring in their static and livestock exhibits for judging and showing and includes Fashion Revue and Consumer Decision Making.
  • State 4-H Rodeo
  • State Dog Show
  • Riverboat Days Parade: Our Junior Leaders (ages 12-18) decorate a float for the Riverboat Days Parade, and all 4-H members are invited to walk with the float in the parade.



  • National 4-H week: (October 4-10, 2015) During this week, all 4-H members and 4-H alumni celebrate 4-H and raise awareness for the organization. In Yankton County, we host an Ice Cream Social for all youth in Yankton County to come learn about 4-H.


  • Recognition Event: During this event, we recognize the hard work of our 4-H members. Awards are handed out, and we typically have snacks to share and go ice skating.
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