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In Yankton County 4-H, we encourage all of our members to keep records of their work. Record books provide a learning experience as well as a memory keepsake for our youth. For the 2017-2018 year, record books are due to the Extension Office by September 28th. If this is your first year in Yankton County 4-H, we encourage  you to stop at the Extension Office and talk to us about how to start a 4-H Record book.

Why do we require record books to be completed before youth can receive their premiums? We’ve found the benefits of record keeping are numerous. Record keeping does take time and effort though. Premiums reward youth for their hard work within their project areas and on their record keeping.

  • Records provide the opportunity for members to establish goals and evaluate how they are doing.
  • Records provide members a basis for determining actions and making decisions.
  • Records help members and leaders evaluate what was learned and performed.
  • Records show additional challenges that the member faced and how they handle these challenges.
  • Record keeping preserves the memories and satisfactions from a successful club year.
  • Record keeping helps leaders evaluate a member’s progress and readiness for recognition awards.
  • Records can help parents know project goals and thus, become better helpers for their children.

Record Book Guidelines— This document outlines what is required in each record book.

Record Book Scoresheet — This document is used when scoring the record books. The top three record books in each age division within either the agricultural or the FCS division marked on the record book  receive a cash prize.

Record Book Forms — This section provides all of the forms you will need to complete for your record book.

Sample Record Book Forms — This section provides sample forms for you to use as a guide when completing your own forms.

All Beginner and Junior 4-H members have the option to do a 4-H Journal instead of the traditional Record Book. Beginner and Junior 4-H members may do either the Journal or the Record Book. They do not have to do both. Senior 4-H members must do the Record Book.


All of our 4-H members have the ability to fill out applications for special awards within Yankton County 4-H. Award applications should be submitted with 4-H record books in September. The following awards require our 4-H members to submit nominations for other people.

  • 4-H Friend of the Year – Nominate a business or individual who has made a positive impact on Yankton County 4-H!

    • Past award winners include:
      • 2017: First Dakota National Bank
      • 2016: Bomgaars
      • 2015: Yankton Tractor Supply Company
      • 2014: Capital Street Cabinetry, Rupiper Travel & Tours, and Marks Machinery Inc.
      • 2013: Yankton County Farm Bureau
      • 2012: Yankton County Commissioners and Larry’s Heating and Cooling
      • 2011: Yankton County Commissioners and Larry’s Heating and Cooling
  • Leader of the Year – Did your 4-H Leader do an outstanding job this year? Nominate them for Leader of the Year.

    • Past award winners include:
      • 2017: Randy Freng & Mary Fiedler
      • 2016: Katie Steinbrecher & Jan Schiferl
      • 2015: Laddie Novak
      • 2014: Ryan List
      • 2013: Joyce Anderson
      • 2012: Todd Rothenberger
      • 2011: Todd Rothenberger
  • Volunteer of the Year – Do you know someone who volunteered above and beyond to help Yankton County 4-H. Nominate them for this award.
    • Past award winners include:
      • 2017: Stephanie Siebrandt
      • 2016: Brad & Jodi List Family
      • 2015: Todd Bailey
      • 2014: Todd Rothenberger
      • 2013: Lois Halbur
      • 2012: Robert & Jean Friedenbach Family
      • 2011: Robert & Jean Friedenbach Family

The next award is applicable to all of our 4-H members.

  • Outstanding Application Form

     – Every 4-H member should fill out this application. A boy and a girl from each age division (Beginners: 8-10; Juniors: 11-13; and Seniors: 14-18) are chosen to receive this award.

    • Past award winners include:
      • Outstanding Beginner Boys: Ryan Lammers, Easton Vellek, Mason Roesler, Peter Hauger, Curtis Nelsen, Cole Zimmerman, Zachary Roesler
      • Outstanding Beginner Girls: Quincy Gaskins, Noelle Nockels, Keeley Larson, Tatum Hohenthaner, Molly Larson, Lexi Maier, Karlie Freng
      • Outstanding Junior Boys: Peter Hauger, Curtis Nelsen, Zachary Roesler, Aaron Friedenbach, Dakota McCloud, Dillon Barger, Tanner Schiferl
      • Outstanding Junior Girls: Jenna Lammers, Tatum Hohenthaner, Molly Larson, Karlie Freng, Abby Larson, Katrina Hauger, Leah Waid
      • Outstanding Senior Boys: Zach Roesler, Parker Bailey, Dakota McCloud, Austin Barger
      • Outstanding Senior Girls: Karlie Freng, Leah Waid, Heather Maier, Jacquelyn Pajl, Jessica Goeken, Morgan Nielson, Heather Hauger

4-H’ers ages 15 – 18, as of January 1 of the trip year are eligible to attend the Citizenship Washington Focus and apply for this award/scholarship.

The following awards are applicable to our 4-H members graduating/aging out of the program or graduating from high school

The final award applications are to be filled out by 4-H Leaders, nominating youth they feel have worked hard and persevered throughout the year.

  • Eager Beaver Award
    • Past award winners include:
      • 2017: Brendan Alvarado
      • 2016: Ryder Stach
      • 2015: Quinn Fargo
      • 2014: Heather Maier
      • 2013: Karlie Freng
      • 2012: Abby Larson
      • 2011: Abby Larson
  • Perseverance Award
    • Past award winners include:
      • 2017: Jaxson Wagner
      • 2016: Tanner Schiferl
      • 2015: Jackie Pajl
      • 2014: Lexi Maier
      • 2013: Katie Freng
      • 2012: Tyler Bryan
      • 2011: Tyler Bryan

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