Attention Club Secretaries!

The more folks that know about our monthly 4-H club meetings, the better, so please continue to submit your minutes to the papers! I know several of you have expressed frustration with papers printing minutes, but since we don’t control space, the best we can do is continue to try and hope to make it in their paper. I checked with the P&D on their requirements, and they are as follows:

-minutes must be 250 words or less, in a typed format
-email them directly to Shauna at
-If space allows, they run them in Thursday’s paper in the hometown section. That being said, their deadline for the week is Noon on Wednesdays. I would say the earlier in the week you get it to them, the more likely you’ll get a space.

You can submit something longer than 250 words, but that would significantly decrease your chances of getting printed because then she would have to take the time to cut it down herself, which I’m sure she wouldn’t take the time to do. You know this already, but I would just remind you to be as specific as you can in the subject line of the email when you send it so she knows exactly what it is. Let me know what else I can clarify for you, and I hope this helps!

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