Revised Schedule — North Central Region 4-H Volunteer e-Forum*

In November, adult volunteers can learn cutting-edge information from experts across the 4-H North Central Region via e-Forum. The revised schedule is below.

Monday, November 7 — Positive Youth Development

Brenda Shafer, University of Minnesota,

Quality Matters: In Chocolate and 4-H Programs

Annette Haas, University of Wisconsin Extension,

The Teen Brain, A Work in Progress

Thursday, November 17 — 4-H Program Management

Pat McGlaughlin & Sheri Seibold, University of Illinois,

Keeping Your Cool While Working With Youth

Vicki Schwartz, Ohio State University,

Reducing the Risks of 4-H Club Meetings

Tuesday, November 22 — New & Emerging Curriculum

Dixie Sandborn, Michigan State University,

4-H Science

Rachelle Vettern, North Dakota State University,

Get Connected in Your 4-H World

Steve McKinley, Purdue University,

Community Service Learning

For more information including session times about the upcoming e-Forums, please click here or go to:


*The 4-H Volunteer e-Forum has been developed and provided by the 12 states of the North Central Region. Sponsorship of the e-Forum has been provided by Monsanto

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