4-H Wind Turbine Workshop

Thirteen middle school students participated in a free Wired for Wind workshop hosted by Yankton County 4-H and the Yankton Boys and Girls Club on October 8.

Participants of the event designed, built and tested model wind turbines during the two-hour workshop held at the Boys and Girls Club. Students first identified both horizontal and vertical wind turbines, then built the handheld turbines using PVC pipe and small generators. Students also constructed and designed their own blades using Styrofoam.  Each group did 3 separate tests with a multimeter measuring the voltage output of their turbine based on three different blade angles.

“Finding alternative energy resources is an ever-growing concern, and it’s a conversation that students need to be included in on. This workshop was designed to educate and encourage the next generation of engineers and inspire them to seek out alternatives for our changing world,” says Lauren Fosheim, Yankton County 4-H/Youth Development Program Assistant.

This wind turbine workshop was provided in cooperation with National 4-H’s 2011 4-H National Youth Science Day. To address the increased demand for science and technology professionals, 4-H is working to reach a bold goal of engaging one million new young people in science programs by 2013. Currently, 4-H Science programs reach more than 5 million youth with hands-on learning experiences to ensure global competitiveness and prepare the next generation of science, engineering, and technology leaders.


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