Cruise the Plains with SD 4-H Decals on Your License Plates

The SD 4-H Foundation in collaboration with the State 4-H Office has launched a fundraising promotion to sell 4-H decals to the public for placement on South Dakota specialty license plates for non-commercial automobiles and motorcycles.

The price for a set of two decals is $20. In addition, supporters need to obtain a set of South Dakota specialty plates from their County Treasurer’s office.

For owners licensing their vehicles for the first time, there is no charge for requesting a set of specialty license plates.

For currently licensed vehicles, owners need to surrender their current license plates and pay $10 for a set of specialty plates. FYI: Owners can install specialty license plates on their vehicles before purchasing a set of SD 4-H decals.

County Extension Offices may download promotional documents for this fundraising effort at the following intranet locations in 4-H File Exchange on InsideState.

The documents are available to the public at this extranet location:

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