Lamb Challenge

 This email is being sent to promote the AKSARBEN Livestock show and specifically a budding event called the Lamb Challenge.  This event is designed to promote improved record keeping, sheep management and perhaps most importantly industry awareness in youth lamb exhibitors.  As part of this project the youth will receive a lamb (pick up is usually late April in Dunlap, IA) that is provided by a sponsor of the program.  The youth is then charged with caring for , keeping records of, and communicating this process with their sponsor.  Lambs are finally exhibited at AKSARBEN (held late September in Omaha, NE) where they are judged on Showmanship, Live Placing, and Record Books.  The cumulative scores then determine overall winners, where 1st and 2nd make the auction and 3rd – 5th receive cash prizes.

In prior years it was a requirement that exhibitors must have been prior participants at AKSARBEN, however this year that requirement has been removed.  I would like to see us promote this program to some of our more experienced lamb exhibitors as a means of testing the skills they have learned in this project area, regardless of prior participation at the AKSARBEN show.

 This is truly a great event that promotes the necessary day to day skills our youth can use to be successful stock men and women and industry contributors. 

  2010 Lamb Challenge Entry Form

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