LABO delegates for 2010

Here’s the info for the LABO delegates coming this summer. Host families are needed! This is a wonderful experience for a family that is interested in international programs, but not ready to commit for a year long program. Speaking from experience, the first week is all about getting acquainted, the second week and third weeks are all about explaining, sharing, making memories, and just experiencing life in your home and community. The last week is all about laundry and getting the suitcases repacked. The time flies by incredibly fast, especially if county achievement days are part of the mix. This is truly a life changing experience (for the good!), so make sure ALL your families hear about it. You’ll be surprised who decides to host. Applications are available from Alan Lambert. Delegates arrive in Sioux Falls July 24 and return on August 22. To host, the family must have a child of the same gender, within two years of age. Delegates are to be treated as family members, not tourists. South Dakota’s LABO delegates, with ages and interests are listed below, along with Alan’s contact information.

Alan Lambert



2010 LABO Delegate Personal info


Akane Kawasaki        12    Swimming, sports, calligraphy

 Nanako Ban               12     Handicrafts, horses, camping, excellent artist

 Ryoko Nihonmatsu     12     Piano, swimming, reading, crafts, camping, unicycle

 Ayaka Ogawa             13     Basketball, cooking, animals, fishing, pop music

 Mako Tanahashi         13     Piano, badminton, pop music, cooking

 Yuka Hoshino              13     Tennis, singing cooking, shopping, calligraphy

 Chisato Nakaguchi     13     Tennis, snow skiing, music, host family interaction

 Tamao Maeda             13     Tennis, snow skiing, reading, poetry, culture

 Chika Tsuchida            13     Softball, baseball, reading, hiking, music

 Namika Kita                  14     Badminton, music, piano, Japanese drum, horses

 Tomomi Sostuka          14     Basketball, swimming, piano, origami, painting, calligraphy

 Mitsuki Higuchi              14     Piano, snow skiing, music, shopping, reading, drawing, TV

 Momoko Yoshida          14     Crafts, painting, swimming, reeading, shopping, pop music  


 Taketoshi Onuki             12     Playing the trombone, fishing, cooking, learn English

 Tomokazu Murakami     13     Soccer, sports, piano, running, fishing, music

 Shinji Koybashi               13     Rugby, golf, reading, music, no indoor pets

 Riku Yamakawa              13     Tennis, cycling, swimming, sports, music, comic books

 Kakeru Tada                   13     Tennis, baseball, violin, watching stars, light allergies, no walnuts

 Daiki Shimizu                  13     Tennis, cycling, camping, climbing, learn English better

 Kohei Hoshino                 14     Crafts, model trains, photography, cartoons

 Yushi Kawakami              14     Baseball, sports, fishing, family play time, culture

 Wataru Yoshikawa           14     See the ‘big sky’, movies, reading, light asthma (prescription)

 Kota Takahashi                14     Fish, swim, baseball, cooking, wants to take care of cattle

 Keita Sueyoshi                 15     Reading, video games, swimming, baseball

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