The Green Review

By Chris Zdorovtsov

Can you grow plants without using seeds?

Asexual propagation uses vegetative parts to grow new plants. You can use stems, leaves, roots, bulbs, corms, tubers, tuberous roots, rhizomes and other tissues to grow new plants. Division, cuttings, layering and grafting are all forms of asexual propagation. Most plants can be propagated by using at least one of these methods. This approach is beneficial because the new plant will be the same or a clone of its parent. A grower can also produce a mature plant more quickly than if growing from seed. This approach is ideal for plants that do not produce seed, only produce a small amount of seed, or are hard to grow from seed. A disadvantage is that this method can be more expensive. Diseases can be spread using this approach as well.


Which states grow the most vegetables for fresh eating?

Fresh vegetables were planted on over two million acres in the US in 2001. California produces the most with 843,100 acres. Florida is the second biggest producer growing on 196,300 acres. Georgia, Arizona and Texas are the next in line, but they grow on less than 145,000 acres each.

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